Carvoeiro village


During the past 25 years the former fishing village of Carvoeiro has changed into one of the most important cosmopolitan tourist areas in the Algarve and, indeed, the whole of Portugal.
Standing on the cliff top above Carvoeiro beach, it’s surprisingly difficult to pinpoint the changes that have taken place over the last three decades. The white houses which dot the hillsides still look the same – but there are more of them. The view of the beach below has changed even less, except for the disappearance of the old fishing boats and the addition of the huge boulders to the east of the bay where part of the cliff collapsed – thankfully when the beach was empty – in 1995. The difference between Carvoeiro and most other coastal towns is that development has been outwards rather than upwards. There are no high rises and most of the development has been sympathetic to the landscape. While the population, both resident and tourist, has spiralled, the “village”, as it is affectionately known to most expats, has managed to retain a good deal of its aesthetic charm.





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